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Changes, an announcement and some business...

Ally - 2-12-2011 at 11:47 AM

Hey All!

It's been awhile since the last announcement, hasn't it? This one serves a couple of purposes. Just wanted to catch you all up with what's been going on with the forum. Kiki and I have been a tad busy considering she's taking finals and being the brilliant student she is and I'm getting my students ready for countywide testing. So, things have been a bit at a standstill since Halloween. We apologize for that, but life calls! We want to let you know that we have NOT forgotten about KR at all and are doing things behind the scenes to breathe some new life back into the place. Look for those new things in the VERY near future and also keep a look out for some FUN during the holiday season!

Second order of business, the changes. There have been a few. There is the new private school, King's Prep, in Nohealani Bluff! Also, we've got some staff changes as Kiki and I(Ally) will be mainly manning the site for now. The modding (Moderator) position may open up again in the near future and those interested will be able to apply for the job!

On that note, I would like to talk about some things that are hitting very close to home. In the sims rping community, there are so many sites popping up everyday, it's hard to keep track! And as Kiki and I have said before, there are NO ISSUES with anyone rping at other sites! Some are incredibly neat and I'm thinking about joining a few too (lol). That is totally excusable. We don't own you. And as far as we're concerned, we're all in this boat together. But there's one thing we don't tolerate: BAD MOUTHING or TROLLING the blogs/sites of other rp forums or forum administrators. The sims rp forums are a community. We all have a common interest. None of this is about competition and if it's seemed that way, here at KR, let me apologize now. Rping is about FUN, not drama. So, let's continue to respect each other and keep it classy!

That's about it! Hopefully we will see some more activity around the place as there are wonderful things in store for the forum!

The KR Admins,
Kiki & Ally