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Evita - 2-1-2017 at 09:28 AM

Alvaro - 2-1-2017 at 11:05 AM

"Yuck..." AJ's voice expectedly sounded from the backseat as, for what seemed like the thousandth time since they'd left the airport, Alvaro lifted the back of his wife's hand to his lips, kissing her soft skin as his fingers tightened around their joined hands. He laughed as he glanced over his shoulder at his son in his car seat, his little nose scrunched in disgust.

"What? I cannot kiss your mommy?" Alvaro asked jokingly, placing more sloppy kisses on Evita's hand. A mix of giggles and whiny "No!!!"s streamed from the backseat, erupting the car in laughter. He was home again. Back with his wife, who Alvaro could swear was more beautiful than when he left, and his growing-like-a-weed son. And just like every time that he'd gone away on a medical mission and returned, it felt normal. Nothing felt out of place. He had an irrational fear...and he knew it was irrational. Every time he left, he thought he'd return to a place that was unfamiliar with him. That AJ wouldn't know him or Evie would be...he didnt like to think that way. Not when his fears never turned out to be true. It was a stupid thought. And the stupid thoughts seeped away when he saw their smiling faces, when he held them close to him, when...

"We're home!" Alvaro looked up, his smile breaking as Evita pulled the car into their driveway. Home. He couldn't deny it, Alvaro seeing home was the pentacle of his homecomings. Knowing that he was seconds away from putting his bags down in his own foyer, minutes away from eating a meal that Eva had cooked just for him...less than hours from being wrapped in her loving arms, falling asleep in their bed...

"People can park on the streets now?" He muttered to Evita as they pulled his bags from the trunk of the car.

"It looks so cluttered..." He said, noticing the change to their neighborhood that was usual so strict about the aesthetics of the homes and the streets.

Trudging his bags up the walkway, he couldn't help notice how quiet Evita was...or how she hadn't answered his question, even as he pulled out his keys and pushed open their front...


Evita - 2-1-2017 at 03:05 PM

Evita giggled as Alvaro kissed her hand for what had to be the millionth time since they'd pulled away from the airport. She looked into the rear view mirror just as little AJ gave yet another adorable sound of disgust. Evita scrunched up her nose at him before refocusing on the road. They were almost home and that was just a little more exciting than it had been originally because Evita had a surprise waiting for her husband.

For as long as she had known him Alvaro was never one for a party. Sure, he would do the occasional "work thing" with his job or hers, but even in school he was never a "let's get drunk and stay out until 2am" partier. So when Whitney suggested a homecoming for Alvaro, Evita cringed. But then she got calls from a few of his co-workers and a couple family friends who wanted to see Alvaro when he got back and she figured...what's the harm? It wouldn't be a party. It would be dinner. And a couple glasses of wine. He would be fine! So she had spent all day making sure everything was perfect and now that he was here, it was.

"We're home!" She announced it mostly for Alvie, but she knew Alvaro loved the first sight of home. When they bought this place he knew immediately upon seeing it that this was it. Their home. Where they would raise a family. Where AJ would come on breaks from college and where Alvaro came when he was done with his missions. She watched his eyes light up as they pulled in and she could practically feel the happiness radiate out of him. He was home.

Evita tried her hardest to stifle a giggle as Alvaro asked about the cars parked on the street. She said nothing as she grabbed his backpack from the trunk and walked around to get his son from the backseat. She gave a nonchalant "mmhmm" as he told her how cluttered it looked, walking ever so slightly behind him before...

"SURPRISE!" Even AJ shouted it, looking up at his father to see his reaction. Evita made sure not to invite more than 10 people so that Alvaro wasn't too overwhelmed, but a quick glance at him told her it was still too much. Without missing a beat her lips found his in a kiss just long enough to bring a smile to his face.

"There you go-," she giggled a little, her fingers running over Alvaro's lips to get the lipstick off. Evita put distance between them again and ushering he and AJ fully inside. She let everyone greet him as she pushed his bags to the side and out of the way. They could worry about unpacking later. Her baby was home.