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Author: Subject: The Boardwalk
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[*] posted on 26-2-2011 at 04:09 PM
The Boardwalk

Bustling, busy and often overcrowded with tourists, this mile long array of planks of wood, benches and people never sees a dull moment. Oh, and don't forget to stop and catch that breathtaking view of the ocean!

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[*] posted on 11-8-2018 at 07:41 AM

It was so nice out today! It was no wonder Eri's friend Gabby's mother had chosen today to bring the girls to the beach for Gabby's birthday party. Okay, so maybe "friend" was a strong word for what this girl was to Eri. Eri didn't really have friends her own age and it was honestly beginning to worry Fumie. She couldn't possibly be getting the social development she needed if she was constantly under her mother or her bother and his girlfriend. It wasn't healthy. So here they were at the beach.

Fumie usually had to bribe Eri to come to these things, but today had been different. This was probably the third party this school year that Fumie had made "fundatory" for her daughter and she was pretty sure Eri was catching on to the fact that she would always lose the battle between the options of going and not going. What she usually compromised for was a pick up at the time of her choice. That was the deal they'd made today and honestly, she was hoping Eri didn't call too soon because Fumie was having a little fun in the sun of her own.

After dropping Eri off at the party, making sure she was fine, and mingling with moms for a bit, she made a quick exit under the guise of work. Her real reason for leaving? She was meeting Zori. It had been about two months since the two of them started seeing one another outside of their work obligations and she had never been happier. Sure, her husband was still an annoying little shit, but Zori put all of that on mute when they were together. He was sweet and he was attentive, and he was so open now that the two of them had moved past the "moral dilemma" of her marriage. She knew it was in the back of his mind non-stop, but he'd grown to be able to...compartmentalize in a way that was good for the both of them.

Especially now as the walked along the boardwalk, one of her arms around his waist as the other held the hand of the arm he'd thrown over her shoulder. They'd met up at Tropical Dreams for a sweet treat and now they were enjoying one another. Him catching her up on some high school drama one of his mentees had told him about and her soaking up every word just to save the sound of his voice for when they had to be apart again. She wasn't sure how it had happened so fast, but every moment she spent with him, Fumie found herself feeling like she wanted to make it last. Not just the moment, but...this relationship. The more time she spent with him, the more she knew she wanted to be with him long term...

I was a heavy heart to carry but, he never let me down.
When he held me in his arms my feet never touched the ground.
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[*] posted on 16-12-2018 at 02:16 PM

It hadn’t taken as long as Zori thought it would. The objections that he’d figured would be getting louder and more persistent with each day...hadn’t. After weeks...and now months of seeing Fumie, the only thing that got more obvious with each day was how close they were getting. At first, it’d started with a couple of chance meetings. And by chance, Zori meant he’d avoid seeing her as long as he could until his stupidity won him over and they would make plans to meet up. He’d never last longer than a week. They’d catch a movie, take a drive...but mostly it ended up the same way every time. Them under the sheets of his bed and him feeling guilty. Then, a month into it...the guilt just faded. Sure, he felt a twinge of it every now and then, but...then he learned the exact way her lips curled when she smiled at him. He memorized the sound of her laugh when something was really funny. He found out just how quickly she’d trade a pair of those expensive heels she wore and those fancy ass purses with long names that she carried for a pair of sandals and a backpack. Discovering her was amazing. So amazing that Shemar just didn’t matter as much. Matter of fact, he barely mattered at all…

Like usual, they were in their own world. Him, talking about the kids he mentored and the crazy shit they faced in high school that he NEVER had to deal with when he was a teenager (what the hell was a “rainbow party”?) and her...just listening. Which was different for Zori as he’d never been a talker. Not in any relationship he’d been in...if he could call what he and Fumie were doing “a relationship”. Could he? They way he figured, if there wasn’t a “Shemar” and a wedding ring, them spending the time that they did together, getting to know each other, was definitely what this was. But what would someone call...this? A woman dating a man that definitely wasn’t her husband? Zori knew what his Momma would call it AND him if she found out what about what he was doing with Fumie.

The conversation faltered, but silence was comfortable between them as they walked, his arm still loose around her shoulder. He crooked his arm, pulling her closer to him as he kissed the top of her head.

“You want to stop and get something to eat, ba-” Without trying to, he tensed. His words stopped as soon as they’d started. Baby? Really? So, he was comfortable enough to use pet names now, huh...

"The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearances."

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[*] posted on 16-12-2018 at 03:09 PM

Devyn laughed as Koi made yet another joke about her recent bath bomb purchase from Body Fruits. So sue her if she liked soaking in a vanilla scented galaxy every now and again. That shit was relaxing! Not that she had been stressed in the slightest as of late. Now that they had patched things up after Derrick and that other bitch and she was officially bae, Devyn had no worries. She smiled as his arms wrapped around her from behind, and his lips met her ear whispering about using one of the bombs together tonight.

"Mmm, so now that you've talked all this shit you think I'm going to share my goodies with you? Not likely!" She wasn't fooling anybody. Koi knew damn well her bath bomb and the rest of her "goodies" were all his. Devyn pushed him away playfully, but he pulled her closer, their feet shuffling aimlessly down the boardwalk. They were just here killing time. Eri had some birthday party on the beach and Koi was often her ride when she wanted to get away. It was a nice enough day so Devyn had suggested hanging close by. And from the looks of things, another Kidd had the same thought.

Devyn tensed, her feet stopping as she spotted Koi's mom just a few feet ahead of them. Seeing her usually wouldn't have been anything anxiety inducing--they had come along way since their first meeting--but she was with a man...kinda close...and that man was not her husband. Shit. What the fuck was she supposed to do with that? She didn't want to point it out to Koi because...awkward but, she couldn't necessarily keep it from him because in a minute their paths would cross anyway.

Babe? What's wrong? Dev looked back to Koi his eyes searching hers for an answer as to why she'd tuned out so suddenly. Shit.

"Huh? Uh, no. Nothing. Hey-," Devyn reached for him pulling him in front of her and turning him to face her. She needed to think fast. "Babe the light is so good right here. Can you get a picture of me for the gram?" Devyn fumbled into her pocket for her phone, passing it to him before his attention could go elsewhere. This shit wasn't going to work, but it was something for now.

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