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Author: Subject: Mauli Kāne


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[*] posted on 1-5-2011 at 12:14 PM
Mauli Kāne

Detective Mauli Noa Kāne

Nickname: Unc' Li (Jude calls him that), Detective, `Iole* (my tribe's idea of making a funny)

Age: 32

Birthday: September 14

Zodiac: Virgo

Place of Birth: Kapuhai Reef, Hawaii (South Shore)

Ethnicity: Hawaiian

Nationality: American

Religion: Tribal

Height: 6'4

Weight: 225 lb.

Tattoos: None

Piercings: None

Scars: Long one (about 5 inches) vertically down my back. A friendly "farewell" from the Pueo when I left the South Shore.

Criminal Record: Clean, despite my "unorthodox" ways.

Education: BS in Criminal Justice from KRU and Police Academy

Job: Detective for the KPD (Kapu'aina Police Department)

Family: Jude Kāne (nephew) and the rest forgot about me a long time ago.

Pets: No time for animals, although Jude's got some kind of snake.

Car: F-150 on 37's

Clothing style: Plain, white button ups, slacks and a tie from JC Penney's for when I'm at the station. Jeans, t-shirts and hiking boots or running shoes when I'm on patrol.

Personality: Very apathetic. I just don't find the time or the energy to care about what people think. I'm not fucking Oprah. Slow to respond, but very quick to think. Aggressive. Intolerant of injustice. Is, often times, difficult to read.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Single

Random Fact(s):
Lives away from South Shore although he's been protecting it since he was twenty-eight. It's safer this way.
Watches "Criminal Minds" like nobody's business.
Carries a registered Glock 19 and a bowie knife.

Life was supposed to be simple for me. All of the plans were laid out, nice and easy. But I guess I'm not the type of guy that likes life "easy". I was born to my parents, who probably wouldn't even confess to being my parents if you asked them so it's not important to name them. My birth wasn't anything out of the ordinary. I was a boy child, which was celebrated openly, seeing as male children in the Akame tribe, which traditionally produced the soldiers for the Mokukeiki, are seen as gifts from the Gods. And my parents were doubly blessed as they received two sons, me and my brother, Lewi. But the birth of the two Kāne boys turned out to be more of a curse than a blessing because instead of being born with brawn and a heart for the tribe, both of my parents sons were born with a heart for justice and fairness...and equality.

There was no place for either of those in the heart of a warrior and we, my brother and I were shunned by our own parents. Lewi left the Shore as soon as he could get out on his own, married a foreigner and had a son. I tried to stay the course, regain love that I never had in the first place, which distanced Lewi and I. But I wasn't like Lewi. I wasn't as strong as him. And sadly, his strength was what ended he and his wife. A few years after he left the shore, Lewi was found, beaten to death, in the apartment he shared with his wife. There were no leads, but when I found out Lewi was dead, I knew the truth. The Pueo was written all over he and his wife's deaths. That was the final straw for me. I left the laws of the tribe in South Shore. I never looked back, found my brother son and took him as my own, raising him as far away from the Shore as I could.

Now, I've returned to my tribe with Jude, tired of running away from the blood that flows through our veins. But I'm not back to make amends and join the fucked up behavior and beliefs that the tribe's reprobate mind carries. I'm back in the South Shore to clean shit up and unravel the truth behind my brother's death. And by the Gods, I swear I'll make a difference. What happened to my brother, because he found another way to exist, will never happen again.

* `Iole - Rat

"You're wrong. This is my town."
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[*] posted on 1-5-2011 at 01:17 PM

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