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Author: Subject: Fumie Hamada-Kidd


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[*] posted on 5-6-2012 at 05:35 PM
Fumie Hamada-Kidd

Fumie Sachi Hamada-Kidd



January 13th


Place of Birth:
Osaka, Japan







When I was young and stupid and Shemar owned my heart, I had "Kidd" tattooed under my left breast. It has since been changed to "Don't Kidd Yourself"


Not on this body. Shemar doesn't like to dirty his trophies.

Criminal Record:

Master's in Hospitality Management.

Keeping my family together.
Running Kidd's Kids, my husband's non-profit sports camp.

Shemar Kidd--Husband
Koi Kidd--Son
Ai-Eri Kidd--Daughter

My daughter's Great Pyrenees, Lindberg.

Clothing style:
Shemar likes a nice balance between sexy and classy. Even dressed down, I'm dressed up.

Caring. Sweet. Hardworking. I know I'm weaker than I'd like to admit...

Sexual Orientation:

Relationship Status:
Married. Kind of.

Random Fact(s):
I was born in Osaka, but raised in California.
My first job was in a "Pulp Fiction" themed diner as a waitress.
Big time movie buff.

All-Star Weekend. Vegas.

I was 16 and my sister was came home from college and "busted me out". My mom was raised in a super-strict Japanese household so you could imagine, we were as well. Daddy tried to balance it out for us, but fun was still hard to come by. But that weekend..That weekend was life-changing. It was where I met my husband.

Shemar Tyrell Kidd. At the time he was a rookie Point Guard for the Detroit Pistons, not that I knew it. We met in a club that I was nowhere near old enough to be in and he was just...charming. Even though I told him over and over I wasn't interested, he kept the compliments and the drinks and the conversation coming. Shemar was everything I'd never experienced before and once he got me to stop telling him no, my heart became his.

With him in Michigan and me in California, a lot of our time together was over the phone, but he completely surprised me with a trip to Miami for Spring Break and like I said, I'd stopped telling him no...to everything. I found out I was pregnant about a month after the Spring Break trip. My mother practically disowned me and my father was absolutely furious, but Shemar was amazing. I was having his first kid and it excited him. It excited him so much he asked me to marry him and for almost 7 years things were magical. Things got dark after.

I remember where I was when I heard about Shemar's first affair. He was supposedly at an away game and I was making Koi breakfast and I heard it. Some stupid commentator covering the game mentioned one of the afterparties and the girl Shemar was with. I thought nothing of it at the time, she was probably a groupie or a fan. It happened on the road and I was just so sure Shemar loved me. I was completely stupid. I'm not sure what number he was on when I finally caught him in a suite in the Eventi in New York. I wanted to surprise him so I just showed up. It was easy enough to get a room key. I was his wife...apparently not when he was away from home. He promised she was the first and swore she'd be the last, but I knew better. I knew better then, but I stayed. I stayed and things didn't get better they only got worse.

Fast-forward eleven years and we're here. Shemar's retired from basketball but not that girls that come with his title...

Greatest of All Time my ass.

I was a heavy heart to carry but, he never let me down.
When he held me in his arms my feet never touched the ground.
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[*] posted on 5-6-2012 at 05:39 PM

Approved. Welcome.
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