Kapuhai Reef

The Boardwalk

Ally - 26-2-2011 at 04:09 PM

Bustling, busy and often overcrowded with tourists, this mile long array of planks of wood, benches and people never sees a dull moment. Oh, and don't forget to stop and catch that breathtaking view of the ocean!

Fumie - 11-8-2018 at 07:41 AM

It was so nice out today! It was no wonder Eri's friend Gabby's mother had chosen today to bring the girls to the beach for Gabby's birthday party. Okay, so maybe "friend" was a strong word for what this girl was to Eri. Eri didn't really have friends her own age and it was honestly beginning to worry Fumie. She couldn't possibly be getting the social development she needed if she was constantly under her mother or her bother and his girlfriend. It wasn't healthy. So here they were at the beach.

Fumie usually had to bribe Eri to come to these things, but today had been different. This was probably the third party this school year that Fumie had made "fundatory" for her daughter and she was pretty sure Eri was catching on to the fact that she would always lose the battle between the options of going and not going. What she usually compromised for was a pick up at the time of her choice. That was the deal they'd made today and honestly, she was hoping Eri didn't call too soon because Fumie was having a little fun in the sun of her own.

After dropping Eri off at the party, making sure she was fine, and mingling with moms for a bit, she made a quick exit under the guise of work. Her real reason for leaving? She was meeting Zori. It had been about two months since the two of them started seeing one another outside of their work obligations and she had never been happier. Sure, her husband was still an annoying little shit, but Zori put all of that on mute when they were together. He was sweet and he was attentive, and he was so open now that the two of them had moved past the "moral dilemma" of her marriage. She knew it was in the back of his mind non-stop, but he'd grown to be able to...compartmentalize in a way that was good for the both of them.

Especially now as the walked along the boardwalk, one of her arms around his waist as the other held the hand of the arm he'd thrown over her shoulder. They'd met up at Tropical Dreams for a sweet treat and now they were enjoying one another. Him catching her up on some high school drama one of his mentees had told him about and her soaking up every word just to save the sound of his voice for when they had to be apart again. She wasn't sure how it had happened so fast, but every moment she spent with him, Fumie found herself feeling like she wanted to make it last. Not just the moment, but...this relationship. The more time she spent with him, the more she knew she wanted to be with him long term...

Zori - 16-12-2018 at 02:16 PM

It hadn’t taken as long as Zori thought it would. The objections that he’d figured would be getting louder and more persistent with each day...hadn’t. After weeks...and now months of seeing Fumie, the only thing that got more obvious with each day was how close they were getting. At first, it’d started with a couple of chance meetings. And by chance, Zori meant he’d avoid seeing her as long as he could until his stupidity won him over and they would make plans to meet up. He’d never last longer than a week. They’d catch a movie, take a drive...but mostly it ended up the same way every time. Them under the sheets of his bed and him feeling guilty. Then, a month into it...the guilt just faded. Sure, he felt a twinge of it every now and then, but...then he learned the exact way her lips curled when she smiled at him. He memorized the sound of her laugh when something was really funny. He found out just how quickly she’d trade a pair of those expensive heels she wore and those fancy ass purses with long names that she carried for a pair of sandals and a backpack. Discovering her was amazing. So amazing that Shemar just didn’t matter as much. Matter of fact, he barely mattered at all…

Like usual, they were in their own world. Him, talking about the kids he mentored and the crazy shit they faced in high school that he NEVER had to deal with when he was a teenager (what the hell was a “rainbow party”?) and her...just listening. Which was different for Zori as he’d never been a talker. Not in any relationship he’d been in...if he could call what he and Fumie were doing “a relationship”. Could he? They way he figured, if there wasn’t a “Shemar” and a wedding ring, them spending the time that they did together, getting to know each other, was definitely what this was. But what would someone call...this? A woman dating a man that definitely wasn’t her husband? Zori knew what his Momma would call it AND him if she found out what about what he was doing with Fumie.

The conversation faltered, but silence was comfortable between them as they walked, his arm still loose around her shoulder. He crooked his arm, pulling her closer to him as he kissed the top of her head.

“You want to stop and get something to eat, ba-” Without trying to, he tensed. His words stopped as soon as they’d started. Baby? Really? So, he was comfortable enough to use pet names now, huh...

Devyn - 16-12-2018 at 03:09 PM

Devyn laughed as Koi made yet another joke about her recent bath bomb purchase from Body Fruits. So sue her if she liked soaking in a vanilla scented galaxy every now and again. That shit was relaxing! Not that she had been stressed in the slightest as of late. Now that they had patched things up after Derrick and that other bitch and she was officially bae, Devyn had no worries. She smiled as his arms wrapped around her from behind, and his lips met her ear whispering about using one of the bombs together tonight.

"Mmm, so now that you've talked all this shit you think I'm going to share my goodies with you? Not likely!" She wasn't fooling anybody. Koi knew damn well her bath bomb and the rest of her "goodies" were all his. Devyn pushed him away playfully, but he pulled her closer, their feet shuffling aimlessly down the boardwalk. They were just here killing time. Eri had some birthday party on the beach and Koi was often her ride when she wanted to get away. It was a nice enough day so Devyn had suggested hanging close by. And from the looks of things, another Kidd had the same thought.

Devyn tensed, her feet stopping as she spotted Koi's mom just a few feet ahead of them. Seeing her usually wouldn't have been anything anxiety inducing--they had come along way since their first meeting--but she was with a man...kinda close...and that man was not her husband. Shit. What the fuck was she supposed to do with that? She didn't want to point it out to Koi because...awkward but, she couldn't necessarily keep it from him because in a minute their paths would cross anyway.

Babe? What's wrong? Dev looked back to Koi his eyes searching hers for an answer as to why she'd tuned out so suddenly. Shit.

"Huh? Uh, no. Nothing. Hey-," Devyn reached for him pulling him in front of her and turning him to face her. She needed to think fast. "Babe the light is so good right here. Can you get a picture of me for the gram?" Devyn fumbled into her pocket for her phone, passing it to him before his attention could go elsewhere. This shit wasn't going to work, but it was something for now.

Koi - 13-1-2019 at 06:39 AM

If Koi had known that joking around on the boardwalk about stupid and unnecessarily expensive bath bombs from place that smelled like soap and fruit was all he needed to be happy, he and Devyn would've done this shit every weekend. Of course that wasn't ALL it took to keep him happy, which he didn't mind reminding Devyn as he whispered playfully in here ear, his arms wrapped around her as they walked. They could even use one of those stupid and unnecessarily expensive bath bombs, too.

"You're gonna share them with me anyway, so why you playin'?" He chided as he kissed the back of her neck. Normally, the wait for Eri to be done with the mandatory "social time" that their mom set up for her was torturous. "Social time", meaning the outings that their mom planned for Eri to keep her socialized and to help her make friends. Koi didn't see the point of them and honestly, his sister was too fucking old for play dates. But like the daughter eager to please, Eri followed directions with minimal complaints...and he rescued her when forced smiling and the squeals of Eri's "friends" got too overbearing. Maybe she was having a little fun as she'd been at the party for a full hour and Koi hadn't gotten his "SOS" text from her yet. And yes, the little dork actually sent him the letters "SOS" when she wanted to be rescued.

"Whoa..." Caught in his thoughts about Eri, he hadn't noticed that Devyn had stopped in dead in her tracks, her body stiffening against him.

"Babe?" He said in her ear, his body attempting to twist around to look at her face.

"What's wrong?" He tried again, his eyes attempting to follow her line of sight...until she came to life again, pulling him in front of her. Confusion coated his face as she spoke unconvincingly about how the light was good in that spot...which was crazy because they way his babe's skin was set up, the light was good everywhere.

"Okaaaaay?" He said as he unlocked her phone and opened her camera app. Shit, the camera was facing the wrong way...which let Koi see exactly what had Devyn so shook...

His mom...waving at them as she stood beside some big, tall ass dude with locs. The fuck?

Fumie - 13-1-2019 at 08:25 AM

As Zo finished his story and a silence settled between them Fumie sighed with a smile, allowing herself to just enjoy this. Their closeness. Where they didn't have to say anything or think about what next and they just...were. She loved these moments. No matter how short lived, they were seconds where she didn't have to do anything for anybody or be anybody but herself. And, as usual, he was the first to break the silence, punctuating it with a kiss to her head before asking--shit.

As if struck by lightening, Fumie pushed roughly away from Zori without explanation. She wouldn't have been able to say anything anyway with the way her brain seemed to be shutting down. Koi and Devyn were here. FUCK! Fumie was sure the look of panic in Devyn's face mirrored hers as she attempted to collect herself so she could talk to the two of them and explain--oh, shit!

"Sorry, Zo-," she spoke hurriedly, watching Devyn turn Koi away from the two of them. "We've got about 3 seconds before my son and his girlfriend are directly in front of us." Fumie pointed to where Devyn posed awkwardly against the boardwalk railing and Koi...turned. Fumie's point turned to a wave and she pasted on a smile as her son looked at her like the final question on a calculus exam. This was going to be...awesome. She needed to think a lot faster than her brain was willing to move right now.

She honestly had never pictured this moment. She didn't think she would ever be caught with Zori in any kind of compromising situation. Was it odd to see them together? No. They had business between the gym and the foundation. He was her personal trainer. They were friends, at the very least...to outsiders. Was it odd to see them how Devyn had? Hugged up like teenagers...shit, like she and Koi had been? Definitely.

But this would be fine! Like she said, she and Zo were at least friends and that was how she would introduce him. Fumie went over what she would say in her head and Koi and Devyn closed the distance between them.

"Hi baby-," she smiled taking another step away from Zori toward Koi. "And Devyn, sweetheart, hi!" Was she too chipper? Her voice sounded high. Was it high?

Zori - 16-1-2019 at 07:08 AM

“What the hell?” Zori couldn’t help the surprise in his voice as Fumie pushed away from him suddenly, a look of shock mingled with panic on her face. His first instinct was to look for Shemar in the crowd of people around them. That had to be the only reason why Fumie would’ve reacted the way she did. So Zori braced himself for the run in that would be anything BUT awkward...more like filled with an unnecessary amount of screaming and temper tantruming on Shemar’s part...and an increased need to knock his teeth down his throat on Zori’s. But his concerns about Shemar were replaced by another issue he’d been way more worried about…

...my son and his girlfriend are directly in front of us…

Immediately he felt himself begin to tense, his forehead creasing with the type of stress that he attributed to balancing the gym’s finances. And this was the type of shit that he worried about whenever he sat still long enough to think about what he was doing with Fumie. Lately, he was so caught up in thrill that was getting to know her that he thought about moments like this less. The scary, uncomfortable of running into people that were mutual friends of her and Shemar...or having someone recognize her face and post her to some messy gossip site...or this. Them running into her son in broad daylight.

Eri had been easy. With the wisdom of a grown ass woman, she’d always known about Zori and her mother. From the day they met, the day Zori got bold enough to go to Fumie’s home in the middle of the day, Eri had just...known. She knew how her mother felt about Zori and how he felt about her, too. And with all that knowledge, she accepted Zori without a second’s hesitation.

But Zori knew, beyond a doubt...meeting her son would be TOTALLY different.

With a voice pitched just a little too high, Fumie greeted her son...who turned out to be the spitting image of his father. Right down to the “emotions all over his face” way he was staring at Zori. His light colored eyes cut right into Zori, eyebrow raised as they shifted quickly between his mother and the man that wasn’t AT ALL his father who stood beside her.

“Mom.” He greeted Fumie dryly, his eyes stuck on Zori’s face now, not even pretending that he wasn’t sizing him up. Zori uncharacteristically tried a smile to break the tension...which he was sure looked more like a grimace than a friendly greeting.

Devyn - 16-1-2019 at 08:03 AM

Devyn heaved a quiet sigh of relief as Koi just kind of went with her sudden request for a picture. She wouldn't lie, she liked to keep her insta updated despite her aunt telling her how much easier it would be for her father to find her. But she was a teenage girl! She needed the instant gratification and she was responsible. She never posted her location, she didn't leave comments on public pages, and her profile was private. So was it out of the ordinary for her to ask Koi to snap a picture? Of course not, but everything about how she'd done it was off. She knew it. He knew it. And it was damn near inevitable for him to find out why.

But she could hope right? He would snap this picture and then she would come up with a reason to turn around and they could go back down the boardwalk without acknowledging that his mom was...ugh! She didn't want to do this! This was one of the first days Koi had been allowed out of the house after the whole Derrick thing! They were supposed to be having a little one-on-one fun outside of the cursed ass building he called home; maybe adding in Eri after her party for a cute family day. How had the drama that usually existed in the house invited itself to their outing?!

And things only got worse as Koi's confused look became something else behind her phone. Fuck. Selife mode. "Koi, be cool...-," he didn't respond to her, his head turning to his mother and her...whoever that was. Fumie smiled easily, waving at the two of them and Devyn knew this was going to turn to shit. She drew closer to Koi, taking her phone back and weaving her arm around his good one. "We don't know what the story is yet. Maybe--," she didn't get to finish as his feet started moving and he pulled her along. Fuck...

Fumie greeted them like someone caught and Devyn forced a smile. Koi on the other hand was staring daggers into the guy his mom was with and if somebody didn't say something fast, she knew Koi would and that wasn't going to be good. Fumie knew it too, her mouth moving to make introductions.

"Koi, this is Zori Blount, a summer partner with the foundation. And Zori this is my son Koi and his girlfriend, Devyn."

Koi - 16-1-2019 at 09:30 AM

Of all the things Koi expected to see that day, his mother out on the Boardwalk with some “rando” was NOT it. Especially some random ass nigga. ESPECIALLY some random ass nigga who looked like he’d swallowed the Rock. Okay, so maybe Koi was exaggerating, but the guy was a whole muscle, his expression stoic as he attempted a smile. In Koi’s opinion, it looked more like a sneer to be honest...and he could’ve kept that shit to himself. Mostly because it made him look more suspect than he had before. And one thing Koi didn’t do was suspect niggas around his mother. And what bothered Koi the most? He couldn’t read the guy. Not at all. Not matter how long he stared at him, his eyes taking in every single detail about the man, he couldn’t figure him out. Outside of that creepy ass semi-smile, he was way too composed. Koi would never get what females saw in men like him. Tall. Silent. An entire fucking muscle for a neck. His whole vibe was wrong...and no amount of introducing him to Koi was going to change that.

Koi, this is Zori Blount… Koi didn’t care. Not even after he felt Devyn nudge him in the back...probably to get him to respond...or wipe the large amount of “who gives a fuck” off his face.And WHY couldn’t this nigga introduce himself?

“He can’t speak?” Koi said loud enough for Mr. Mute with Muscles to hear him. Devyn was making with the niceties, shaking “Zori’s” hand and smiling. But she AND his Moms could keep all that. Because the question still remained...who in the dry, Sahara desert fuck was this and why was he spending time with his Moms?

Fumie - 16-1-2019 at 10:40 AM

She was ready for this. Fumie could handle Koi because he hadn't seen what Devyn had. Ugh. She couldn't believe she'd been so careless. Just because Koi didn't know what was up yet didn't mean he wouldn't hear it from Devyn later. That was a worry for another time it seemed as Devyn wasn't trying to add to the tension in the moment, her hand reaching for Zori's as she told him it was nice to meet him and nudged Koi to do the same. Fumie knew better. Especially as she studied her son's face, his expression appraising as he continued to stare at Zori through their introductions. He was going to start some shit...

He can’t speak? Fumie's smile slipped, her eyes narrowing as she and Devyn both called her son's name. She sighed as Devyn gently told him to relax, her eyes apologizing to Fumie. There was no need to apologize. Fumie knew her son and she knew better than to think Devyn's gentle persuasion to "be cool" was going to be enough. While she was lucky she had run into Koi and not his father, she already knew he was capable of causing a scene on par with Shemar's. She couldn't let it get that far.

"So, what brings the two of you to the beach?"

Zori - 18-1-2019 at 09:22 AM

As the silence settled over the situation, Zori figured that if it was possible, he could’ve probably touched the tension in the air between them. He knew when the time came (only because it was obvious that it would happen with the way that paths crossed on an island like Kapuhai Reef) that it would be just as awkward and uncomfortable as it was in that very moment. Of course, Zori had imagined it with Shemar instead of Fumie’s son and his girlfriend. But despite the uncomfortableness of the moment...and Koi’s glaring at him....Zori wasn’t nearly ready to give back what he’d shared with Fumie in the past weeks. Not the conversations. Or the company. And definitely not the caresses...never those.

He let his thoughts refocus as he wondered if things would’ve played out differently if it was different for him and Fumie. If they’d let bygones be bygones and they’d kept things platonic. If they weren’t hiding one of the biggest secrets he’d ever had to keep. Maybe he would’ve met her Koi and Devyn with a friendly smile, concluded his business with Fumie, and went on his way, letting her be with her family. Or maybe it would’ve still gone just about how it was going now... with a slick comment from Koi and Fumie and Devyn exasperated. Zori’s eyes widened in surprise, a ghost of a smirk playing on his lips.

“Don’t stress it…” He murmured quietly enough for only Fumie to hear him. He was careful not to touch her, stepping to the side a bit so that there was more space between he and Fumie. Purposefully, he avoided Koi’s stare, breaking their eye contact as Fumie asked what Koi and Devyn were doing at the beach, a bit of a weak distraction from the situation...and her son being disrespectful to a perfect stranger. Zori appreciated her efforts but he was okay. He knew how to play the situation. Submissively. He stayed quiet...

He got Koi. Immediately. From his defensive stance, to his aggression towards Zori for no apparent reason. He got him...because he was him. Zori knew what it was to have to be the man of the house because his father wouldn’t...mostly because his father didn’t exist. Zori knew he had a sperm donor out there in the world, but if he passed the man on the street, he wouldn’t have known him from Job. So he got it. Even in his thirties, if his mother had been walking down the boardwalk with some man Zori didn’t know, despite all his control and his discipline, he would’ve felt some type of way, too. He’d had to be a man way before he’d understood what the word even meant. That was the way deadbeat daddies and underprotected mothers worked. So...he got it.

One thing Zori learned quick when he’d become a MMA instructor was that it wasn’t always about power or skill. It wasn’t always about the hardest punch or the swiftest kick. Humility and respect went a hell of a long way…

Devyn - 19-1-2019 at 03:31 AM

"Koi-," Devyn sighed as Koi got that mouth started. She knew this shit was going to be a mess. "That's rude, babe c'mon. Just...be cool-," she gave the arm she held a reassuring squeeze and hoped her gentle reprimand wouldn't go completely ignored. She didn't have high hopes...for any of this, really. Especially as the pleading in her eyes moved from Koi to Fumie. Now would have been the best time for her to say something that defused this whole thing. She was good at that! Saying things that calmed the Kidd men and their sometimes irrational emotions down. She would concede that the emotions were "sometimes" irrational because right now...she understood what Koi was feeling.

He was hostile, but it wasn't for no reason. Fumie's weak introduction of her "summer partner" wasn't the most comforting because most business partners weren't having meetings on the Boardwalk all cozied up with one another. The explanation she gave was going to have to be a lot better than that. BUT! Now was not the time or place to talk about wha was really going on. This was a conversation that needed to be between Koi and his mom and no one else. Devyn shouldn't have been there. Zori shouldn't have been there either although, with how quiet he was being he almost wasn't. She knew that was irking Koi too.

Fumie moved on asking what they were doing on the beach. Did she really want to go that way? With the obvious follow up from Koi being 'what the fuck are you doing'? Ugh. Devyn spoke before Koi could, hoping if she answered he wouldn't be able to say what he wanted to...at least not yet...

"I have a bath bomb addiction-," she giggled holding her bag up a little. Her laugh came a bit more nervously than she would have liked, but she kept her game face. "Koi mentioned Eri had a party out here today and anytime someone mentions the boardwalk my mind immediately goes to Body Fruits." Her babbling had a point.

"That's why you're here right? Eri's party?"

Koi - 15-2-2019 at 08:10 AM

Summer Partner? For real? If Koi had to count how many times his mother had lied to him growing up, the number would’ve been short. Most times, especially in the beginning of it all when Koi was old enough to notice his father’s absence, her lies had revolved around Shemar, where he was, what he was doing...why there were so many bruises on her body. After awhile, Koi knew what her lies sounded like...which was a lot like how the words “summer partner” came out of her mouth as she explained this...dude...who actually still hadn’t introduced himself like the mute he apparently was. But Devyn was calling his name, his words pausing at the sound of “chill the fuck out” in her voice. Question was: why the fuck was he the only person upset by...this? Great, both of his parents were shady as fuck and his girlfriend was cool with it?

Koi smirked as Devyn nervously chatted about her bath bombs... his eyes rolling as he audibly snorted, his mouth opening to completely dead the entire situation until she spoke right over him, his mouth snapping shut again, his head turning to blatantly stare at her in annoyance.

That’s why you’re here right? Eri’s party?

His eyes widened at the side of her face as she threw his mother an obvious excuse, “really?” escaping him before Devyn could shush him. Instead, she grabbed his hand, her fingers weaving through his, the points of her nails pressing into the skin between his finger, his protesting hiss loud enough for his Moms and her…”guest” to hear.

“That-that’s right!” His mother proclaimed a little too excitedly. Even the “summer partner’s” face couldn’t help but shift from the stoic stare at the ground at her horrible lie.

“Yeah...I was waiting for Eri to finish and...ran into Zori!” She explained, her eyes doing that thing they did when she was obviously full of…

“...right, Koi?” What? Oh, apparently Devyn was pulling him back into this complete shitbomb of a situation.

“I’m not even listening...what?”

Fumie - 15-2-2019 at 10:12 AM

Koi knew. His sister was the bookworm, but Koi had always been adept at knowing when he wasn't being told something. He knew about his father's indiscretions long before they were confirmed, he could tell something was off the first time his mom got the courage to stand up to her husband...and suffer what that meant...and he knew now that she wasn't telling him the truth. Fumie watched as his face went through a series of emotions that ranged from confusion, to annoyance, and then to disbelief as Devyn threw her a get out of jail free card. The party.

It was true. She had come here to drop Eri off and she was waiting for her to finish up...maybe meeting up with Zori hadn't been in that excuse, but it was easy enough to agree with. It made sense and coincidences happened. She and Zo happened to be in the same place at the same time and were just...being friendly.

Devyn spoke again, her eyes looking from Zori to Fumie, "Yup...well...maybe we'll catch up later...Right, Koi?" Everyone's eyes shifted to look at Koi who oh so lazily told the group he hadn't been paying attention.

"Enough. Koi why don't you and I take a minute alone because I'd hate to have to embarrass you more than you're embarrassing yourself right now." She took a few steps away from the group and waited for Koi to follow. He stared obstinately. "Today, boy!"

The disrespect was out of hand and she heard what Devyn was trying to say. She was not coming home to this hostility.

Koi - 15-2-2019 at 12:19 PM

Why was everybody quiet? What?! He wasn’t really being a smart ass. He actually hadn’t been listening! Shit, at least he told the truth...which was apparently what his mother was avoiding doing. And what was the big deal? She was the one who was being fucking weird about this huge...muscle-necked stranger that he and Devyn had “caught” her with. It was weird as hell. Mostly because his mom wasn’t like this. Shemar was, not his mom. And Koi was the only person who realized that? He didn’t get Devyn who was basically giving his Moms the script to her lie. But he was the one getting stared at by everyone...well by almost everyone. The human form of a can of muscle milk had yet to meet his eye and had still not said a single word. Koi was honestly tired of it all...and it looked like his Moms was too. Tired of him...

Koi, why don’t you and I take a moment alone…

“You can kill that suggestion…” he said under his breath as he watched his mom walk a little away from where they’d been standing. Devyn, who’d heard him loud and clear, looked at him with annoyed, yet pleading eyes, almost begging him not to make this situation more than it needed to be...which was more than anyone ELSE was trying to make it.

Today, boy!

Koi couldn’t hide the way he startled when his mom raised her voice at him, watching him as he stared at her, refusing to budge. She was on one! His brow furrowed as rolled his eyes, landing on Mr. Summer Partner...who had been staring right at him. For a second, Koi’s lip curled as he watched this stranger flat out stare at him...until his eye contact broke as he looked meaningfully at Koi’s mom and back at Koi, a small, sympathetic smile on his lips as he nodded at Koi, urging him on his way. Silently saying to him, “I get it, but you don’t want it to get worse, do you?”

Koi sucked his teeth at the man’s expression, sucked his teeth as he jammed his hands into the pockets of his shorts and walked towards Fumie.

“Really, Mom? Really?” He whispered angrily as he arrived at Fumie’s side.

Fumie - 15-2-2019 at 02:07 PM

Fumie took Koi's uninjured arm and pulled him out of earshot of Devyn and Zori. She stopped so that her back was to them and turned Koi to look at her. He spoke first, his anger apparent as he whispered at her and yanked his arm away from her grasp. Oh, he thought he got to talk? Ha.

"No. Stop talking right now." Her words were quick, but clear making his silence immediate. Koi's eyes widened like they did every time she put her foot down with him. It wasn't often and that was probably why he thought he would get away with the shit he'd just pulled in front of someone she'd introduced as a coworker.

"Have you lost your mind?" she saw his mouth twitch to interrupt, her fingers curled around the collar of his shirt pulling him in to make her point. "Didn't I tell you to zip that shit up? Do not talk while I am talking." She was at her limit. Why did he make her like this? What was he trying to do here? She knew what he wanted to hear and honestly, if she could, she would tell him the truth. That she'd met someone special, that she wanted to leave his father, that she was happy...In all honesty, Koi would probably support her in that...

But here? Now? She couldn't.

"You know I didn't raise you like that, Koi. I don't care what you think you know, but you will never ever embarrass me the way you just did by pretending you ain't got no home training. That shit is for your father, Koi. Not for you. I raised you better."

She sighed, letting his shirt go as she ran a hand through her hair. "We'll finish this at home, Koi. I truly don't even know what to say to you right now..." She didn't...She couldn't let him ask any questions because in public she couldn't tell him the truth. But she wanted to...maybe it was time? Maybe this was a sign that trying to hide was over...

"Apologize to Devyn and take her home. I'll see you when Eri is done." She turned away from him then returning to Zori and Devyn and apologizing to both of them. This was a terrible meeting for Koi and Zori, but maybe it was time they met one another. Maybe it was time things started shifting for the better in her life.