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Author: Subject: Rules & Regulations
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[*] posted on 25-1-2011 at 11:17 AM
Rules & Regulations

To clear confusion (although referencing the FAQ's might help with many questions that you may have regarding Registration)

  1. With each new character, there needs to be a new profile! (ex: Johnny would be registered as "Johnny" simple enough, right?). Each registration requires a new email! It does NOT need to be a working email! Feel free to create a different one every time.
  2. Spaces are not allowed in usernames on this forum! Please only use one name. If your character has TWO names or more (which gets to be pretty lengthy, don't you think?), capitalize each name (ex: Augustine Grace would be "AugustineGrace")
  3. To Activate your Signature: Click 'Use Signature' under your first post when you apply your character. Your signature will automatically post after this action, but you must manually check the box on the first post (for each character).

The Rules

  • Sims - You may use SIMS from Sims 2 or Sims 3. But make sure that every character registered is made by YOU.

  • Registration - All new registration should be in your CHARACTER'S name only. Your name should not be included with the registration. Pictures in your character's application MUST NOT exceed 550px! It stretches the board and makes it quite unappealing!

  • Adult Content - This is only a warning: this site will have adult content (sex, violence, profanity, nudity). If you are easily offended by any of these things, consider yourself forewarned.

  • Realism - Although this is a roleplay site, do try to keep it as real as possible. Every character on the forum will NOT have a gajillion-billion-million dollars and a degree from Harvard Law at seventeen. Let's keep it real, darlins!

  • God-Modding - Or in other words, solely controlling what happens in the rp you are involved in, without consent of the other person(s) involved. Do remember that rp on KR is a partnership, so do consult the person whose character you are rping with before you decided to kill, maim, etc. them.

  • Drama/Fighting - There is NO drama at Kapuhai Reef. Other sites may enjoy spats and arguments, but we at KR do not. If there is a problem, talk it out. Misunderstandings can be resolved if you take the time to sort them. If no resolve has been met or can be met, leave it alone. If conflict arises, it will quickly be handled by an admin/mod. This is RP not RL. In regards to rp fights, those are totally allowed! Just keep it real. If someone gets stabbed, their wound cannot magically close and allow them to keep on fighting with no injury. Which leads to the next section...

  • Injuries/Medical Needs - If your character sustains injury, they must actually be hurt. There are medical facilities at KR and they are to be used accordingly (as well as for awesome rp!) If a character gets shot, their stay in the hospital will be considerably longer than someone going in for stitches. Plan accordingly. This also applies for surgeries, births, chronic illnesses, etc.

  • Interrupting RP - As this is a partner rp site, it is considered a bit rude to intrude on the rp going on between two or more players. At times, we have site wide rps which will often come in the form of social events (parties, rushes, weddings, funerals, you name it...). Those are ALWAYS open for interruption as they are open to everyone. But with private rps, this rule will always apply, if you would like to start an rp or join in on one, please U2U (PM) the persons involved or find them in the cbox to ask permission first. It's up to all of us to keep the site enjoyable for everyone!

  • Out of Character Chatting - This type of chatter is only allowed in the CBOX and the allotted area on the forum. Try to keep side remarks and conversation within rp to a minimum. Feel free to leave comments for your rp parter/chum/buddy ole' pal in their U2U inbox.

  • Useless Posts - The term useless can be applied to the following:

    1. Status Posts - Posts where you're announcing what your character is doing although you are not actively in an rp. (ex: Beth walked into McDonalds, ordered a quarter pounder and left, feeling so full!)

    2. Self-Posting - Posts where you are rping with yourself. As in two of your characters are playing against each other. You may have times where your characters are rping with someone else's character, but that is the only time that characters that you have created and own may interact.

  • Quality - KR is a site that allows writers of every level (from novice to expert) to come and interact. We understand that some writing may not be as detailed or necessarily "perfect", but do try your best! Not only is KR for roleplay and fun, but it is also for the improvement of our craft!

  • Signatures - Signatures should not be more than 550x250 and should always include a link to your character's application.

  • Avatars - Do not exceed 160x160 pixels. Width NEEDS to stay 160px or the board will warp.

CBOX Rules

Always remember the CBOX is a public area, everyone can read what you're saying. Be mindful of this as we try to keep the atmosphere positive and drama-free!

  • Use the name you wished to be called by only, not your character's name.

  • No silly usernames such as 'Nicki Minaj' or 'Tha Ladies Man'.
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